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Xingping village, Guangxi province, March 2006
Current Events
Research Presentation
Invited to the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences to present research on the institutionalization of archaeology and cultural property law under the Republican government, circa 1928-1930.
Archival Research
Faculty Development Endowment grant from Rhodes College to facilitate research at the Smithsonian Institution Central Archives and Freer Gallery Archives. Research topic the American School of Archaeology in China.
New Publications in 2010

〈李济何以成为中国考古学之父〉 "Li Ji: Father of Chinese Archaeology," trans. Chen Beichen 《书城》 [Shu Cheng] (June 2010): 45-52. Published by Fudan University in Shanghai.

The People's Peking Man: Popular Science and Human Identity in Twentieth Century China, by Sigrid Schmalzer, The China Journal no. 63 (January 2010): 165-167.

"Taiping Revolt," World History Encyclopedia (Santa Barbara, Denver, and Oxford: ABC-CLIO, 2010).

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Assistant Professor of Chinese History at Rhodes College.
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